Rosella on Jones 1

I first heard about Rosella right before Charles Gonzales left his job as a part time newscaster. They aired a segment explaining why he was retiring. Then to be honest I completely forgot about it. That was until the San Antonio Coffee Festival, where I tried their coffee for the first time. I tried it straight black with no creamer or sugar, (since dairy and my face don’t get along) and it tasted great. I don’t usually like black coffee but I was actually surprised how good the coffee tasted without anything in it. I was sold.


We visited the Rosella on Jones Ave and I was beautiful. There is plenty of seating inside and also plenty of seating outside. There is also a loft area upstairs with a good amount of seating. We have taken family from Dallas to Rosella and they also loved it. It is a great place to sit and work or to have great conversations over coffee with some friends. There is also plenty of free street parking along the building.

We most defiantly look forward to visiting Rosella at the Rand and we are most excited about trying Rosella at the Garden.

Rosella on Jones

203 E Jones Ave #101

San Antonio, Tx 78215

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